how to access the _psyscho module ?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Nov 20 14:05:00 CET 2001

huber <nospam at> writes:

> i have downloaded PSYCHO on linux and compiled it....  but now i
> don't know what to do whith the library !  can
> someone help me ( in detailed form ) how to access the _psycho
> module ?

It's spelt psyco, by the way.

All you have to do is fire up python in the directory containing
_pyscomodule.c (or put that directory on your $PYTHONPATH) and execute

>>> import _pysco

then you can do things like:

>>> def f(a,b):
...  return a + b
>>> ff = _psyco.proxy(f)
>>> ff(1,2)
psyco: new code buffer 0xa061154
psyco: disassemble 0xa061154 0xa0611a0    (76 bytes)
psyco: new code buffer 0xa0611ec
psyco: disassemble 0xa0611ec 0xa061238    (76 bytes)
psyco: new code buffer 0xa061284
psyco: new code buffer 0xa0691cc
psyco: disassemble 0xa0691cc 0xa0691f4    (40 bytes)
psyco: new code buffer 0xa06923c
psyco: disassemble 0xa06923c 0xa069260    (36 bytes)
psyco: disassemble 0xa061284 0xa0612a8    (36 bytes)

I haven't got much further than this yet myself.

Is this helping?


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