Which Version for Absolut Beginner?

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sun Nov 25 20:14:49 CET 2001

Fred Flintsone wrote:

> Hi.  I went to the Python.org page to pick up a copy of Python, and
> was faced with a choice of which version I want to d/l.  As a rank
> beginner, does it matter?  I'll be working on a Windows ME machine.

In most cases when looking at fiddling with software for the first time,
you want the latest stable release.  Often software is maintained in two
branches:  a stable release and a development release.  For Python the
latest stable release is 2.1.1.

> Between the O'Reilly book I just bought, and all those great looking
> tutorials, I'm anxious to dig in.

The tutorials on python.org are very good, but which O'Reilly book did
you get?  I have _Programming Python_ and don't think too highly of it. 
The other, _Learning Python_, is by comparison much better.

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