(off-topic humor) While browsing google for python and turtle

Syver Enstad syver-en at online.no
Fri Nov 23 18:39:38 CET 2001

(I was intersted in turtle graphics for python)

>From http://www.geocities.com/~chicagoturtle/tips.html:

Elmer says, 
Attach the Python valve to your faucet, connect the
plastic hose from the valve to your turtle tank. In the down position
with the water faucet turned on, the Python generates a powerful
suction which quickly drains the tank's water (and "vacuum" cleans any
debris) into your sink's drain. By pushing the Python valve in the up
position, water will flow from the faucet quickly filling the tank
with clean water. Please be sure to adjust the water temperature to
the proper temperature for your turtle before filling the tanks.

With the Python, one can easily drain and refill over 150 gallons in
 less than an hour without lugging a bucket or sucking on a hose.

*The Python siphon system with hose and connectors is available at
 most larger pet stores, $35 -$50 depending on hose length.* <Ahem>

- Tip submitted by Dennis & Diane K. from the unpublished memoirs of
  Elmer, The Oldest Woolworth's Turtle.


Vennlig hilsen 

Syver Enstad

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