Two questions about Python..

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Nov 28 04:32:26 CET 2001

Cameron Laird wrote:
> Kragen Sitaker  <kragen at> wrote:
> >Ville Vainio <vvainio at> writes:
> >
> >> Ken <khirmint at> writes:
> >> > I'm looking into using Python for a project, and was wondering how does
> >> > Python rank up against other scripting languages for speed?
> >
> >It's about as fast as Perl, much faster than Tcl or sh, and much
> >slower than Lua, a good Scheme, FORTH, or GhostScript, in my
> >experience.  HTH.
> And it depends, of course, on the kind of project of interest.
> Numeric makes Python a world-beater for many problems, for
> example.

Cameron, can you confirm that by this you mean that for 
intensively numeric-processing-bound programs, the Numeric 
package effectively makes Python a *higher* performance 
solution than most/all other solutions?  Or were you talking 
more about features and ease-of-use, for example?

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
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