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Roman Suzi rnd at
Mon Nov 19 19:39:48 CET 2001

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

>>>>>> "BO" == Ben Ocean <zope at> writes:
>    BO> Hi; My server has 2 installations of python: 1.5 and
>    BO> 2.1.1. Now that Zope uses 2+, I've switched everything
>    BO> over. I'd like to install Tkinter, but when I try to install
>    BO> the rpm for 2.1.1 I get an error instructing me that I need
>    BO> Python 2.1.1 in order to proceed. How do I inform Linux (RH
>    BO> 7.1) that I do indeed have python2-2.1.1?  TIA, BenO
>I guess you installed Python-2.1.1 from a source tarball?  If that is
>the case, you could simply rebuild/re-install 2.1.1 along with Tkinter

Maybe just use --nodeps option will help?

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