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Fri Nov 2 08:52:44 CET 2001

Actually, get both py2exe and the Installer.  You never know what you
are going to like.  I like the installer because you can use Simple,
Freeze, etc. for differing goals.  I wrote a little script
(convert.py, of course) that prompts the user to enter the name of the
.py file to be converted.  It imported everything it needed so then I
ran the file on itself, and Voila!, I have an exe that will convert
any .py file to an exe for me (it gives me GUI choices such as whether
to use Simple, Freeze, etc.).  For me, Installer worked better in this
respect but that is just me.  In other words, try them both, look at
the code, figure out what you want, and then you can be picky.  One
quick side note, if you want/need to keep your code 'closed-source'
read the FAQ about Installer (the generated exe will have the code in
it, if you know what I mean).  Later.

Benjamin Schollnick <junkster at rochester.rr.com> wrote in message news:<junkster-805E29.18380801112001 at typhoon1-1.nyroc.rr.com>...
> In article <9rkcbb$ucb5d$1 at ID-69142.news.dfncis.de>,
>  "Andreas Penzel" <mail at andreas-penzel.de> wrote:
> > Hello NG!
> > 
> > Is it possible to make an .exe file from the .py soure running under
> > DOS/Windows?
> > 
> > Thanks!
> > - Andreas
> Yes, use Gordon Mcmillian's "Installer"....
> (And it's easier than py2exe)...
>          - Benjamin

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