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Tue Nov 27 16:23:16 CET 2001

On 27 Nov, Terry Reedy wrote:
> "Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk" <qrczak at> wrote in message
> news:slrna071tg.isc.qrczak at qrnik.zagroda...

>> What should a Python interpreter do with this?
>> <TAB>if 0:
>> <TAB><TAB>print "0"
> Raise SyntaxError.
> Seriously.
> This would be consistent with general philosophy of not guessing in
> the face of ambiguity.

Insofar as my opinion makes any difference, I'd like to second that
suggestion. The huge tab/space war above notwithstanding, I think that
regardless of your preference, any file with mixed space/tab indenting
is inherently evil and will only cause pain. I was aimlessly toying with
the idea of writing a little utility to detect mixed space/tab indents
in files and setting it to run whenever I do a CVS checkout or update,
but I always welcome the opportunity to banish devilry on a more
far-reaching scale. :)

- Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale

Feel my three-toed wrath!
- Catie

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