PHP vs. Python/comp.lang.php?

Tavis Rudd tavis at
Sat Nov 24 01:32:36 CET 2001

"the Spinning Spider" <theSpinningSpider at HotMail.Com> wrote in message news:<9tia10$43o$1 at>...
> I notice there doesn't seem to be much mention about PHP by Python people
> whenever they mention other languages,
> e.g.,see

Seeing as there's no mention of PHP on Python's Comparison's page, and
this question comes up monthly, I've started a page on the Webware
project's Wiki to provide a comparison:

It's a work-in-progress and any can contribute (just register using
the link at the top).  Once there's some flesh on the skeleton I've
laid out, I'll tidy it up and submit it for inclusion on Python's
Comparisons page.


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