IIS with Python

Jose Rodriguez tub4jxr at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 27 03:04:23 CET 2001

I have looked at the Python.org site but I must admit that I am a
little unsure of whether a separate python interpreter is started on
each call from a different IIS session that needs to run some Python
code.  What I understand, I believe, is that you can script web pages
with Python just as you would with ECMAscript but that the Python
interpreter starts a separate session for each web call as opposed to
using one instance that remains loaded in memory.  In addition, the
pages aren't then cached so as to prevent an additional hit for future
loads of the same pages.  I know that I can use ZOPE or Skunkweb but
my company is requiring that we use IIS (and all of its native


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