How to marshal a function?

Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Thu Nov 15 00:38:42 CET 2001

On Wednesday 14 November 2001 14:53, François Pinard wrote:

> I did not even try `pickle' for that, after the documentation (printed at
> 1.5.2 time) insists that `pickle' has no representation for code objects.

> If you examine `pc', you will have some difficulty to believe that it
> actually conveys the function definition.  It probably only holds a
> reference to the name.  Oh, it does works if I do everything in a single
> Python session, because `f' is already defined.  But if I save `pc' to
> disk and reload it in a fresh Python session, the `pickle.loads(pc)'
> yields:
>    SystemError: Failed to import class f from module __main__
> So, I would not think that `pickle' is a solution.

How embarrassing.  I dug around and found the code I had used, and sure 
enough, I was using marshal.  Further, due to the way I was using the code 
(the compiled bytecode was fairly self-contained) I never encountered the 
limitations you mention. 

Still, I think there must be a way around this... I will look further.

BTW, are you aware that you are double-posting?

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