wxWindows link error

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Thu Nov 8 01:28:09 CET 2001

Jp Calderone wrote:

>    Well after a few hours of looking around and rebuilding a few
> times, this bug appears to have been due to wxPython's setup.py
> script (directly? indirectly?  I have *no* clue how python's
> distutil system works) using gcc instead of g++.  I fixed by
> symlinking /usr/bin/g++ to ./gcc in the base directory and including
> . in my path before anything else.  Clearly this is not the right
> way to fix this.  Can anyone tell me what is (or point me to some
> docs on distutils)?

Have you tried checking the wxPython site itself (www.wxpython.org)?  There
are detailed build instructions for win32 and unix (the unix version is at
http://wxpython.org/BUILD.unix.txt), and if you can't find the answer to
your problems there (or already looked with no success), then ask this
question on the wxpython-users mailing list.  Robin Dunn, the author of
wxPython, is *very* good about answering questions there.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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