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Mon Nov 19 18:34:24 CET 2001

The ActiveState distributions usually come with a .CHM file, and Robin Dunn
has made such files available through his web site (you can track these down
via and respectively).

I have noticed that some of the inter-section links seem to be missing in
the .CHM versins, but they are nevertheless extremely useful.


"Mike Maxwell" <maxwell at> wrote in message
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> Excuse me if this has been asked, but I didn't see anything in the FAQ,
> archive of this newsgroup (except for a 1995 msg), etc.
> My editor (Visual SlickEdit, on Win2k) has context-sensitive help for a
> number of programming languages.  Normally, this calls a Windows Help
> or nowadays .CHM) file with a keyword.  I would like to be able to do this
> with Python, but all I can find are .html, .PDF, and .PS files, and I
> know how to open one of these at a given keyword (or make it jump to a new
> keyword if it's already open).  I can of course drill down through the
> links, but that misses the point of having context-sensitive help.
> Is there a .HLP or .CHM file out there somewhere?  Or is there an easy way
> to turn a .HTML file into a .CHM file?  (Or a way of passing a keyword to
> Adobe Reader or GhostView, so it goes directly to the relevant place in
> doc.)
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