Tkinter bind single key

Laura Creighton lac at
Tue Nov 6 13:16:01 CET 2001

Your problem is the the key with the + on it isn't called +.

If you have a linux system, you can look in 

to find out what something is called.  What you want is called plus, 
unless it is on the keypad in which case it is called KP_Add. You
probably want to bind both of them.

So bind it to <KeyPress-plus> and <KeyPress-KP_Add>.

By the way, this business of the key-on-the-keypad is not the same as the
key-not-on-the-keypad is a general problem.  If you are binding
to 1 2 3 then you will need to bind to KP_1 KP_2 KP_3 or else keypad
users will not be able to use the keypad, which will annoy them to no

Laura Creighton

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