IsPython really O-O?

Tim Randolph timothyrandolph at
Wed Nov 14 15:07:55 CET 2001

adamspitz at (Adam Spitz) wrote 

> I'd be interested to see the current state of Python development
> environments. That's where Smalltalk really shines, and I've never
> seen an environment for any other language even come close. That's
> understandable, because Smalltalk's whole, um, paradigm is optimized
> for that kind of thing. Holding everything inside a monolithic image
> makes it really easy to create spectacular tools (but, of course, also
> costs Smalltalk a lot, like the ability to use Smalltalk for small
> scripts). In particular, I'd like to see the Python Refactoring
> Browser efforts bear fruit.

This is robably a good time to point out the new meta-IDE put out by
IBM as open source at  It was developed by the smarties
at UTI who built the original VA for Smalltalk.

Not only is it open source, but its got a very open plug-in
architecture, that to my mind is yearning for Python editors,
debuggers, Class Browsers, Zope builders, etc.  Using the eclipse
framework and tools, I don't think it would be *that* hard to get to a
VA for Python experience.

Check it out.  It's one of the coolest things that has come down the
road for quite some time.


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