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Roy Katz katz at
Thu Nov 29 23:39:40 CET 2001

Right on.  I'm vegan so I drink soymilk anyway.  

(and I find that Python fits in with my youthful ideals nicely among
others such as Esperanto & being vegan)

I remember a long thread about Esperanto and Python ideals. I rather
enjoyed that.  In fact there are some Esperantists here (Bill Harris 
of the Python Tutorial in Esperanto, Erik Max Fancis, Peter
Hansen (?), Konrad Hinsen);  I wonder if there any vegens here,

it'd also be cool to see the relative age of new pythonistas -- I suspect
that they're young, but this is completely unfounded.


assiduous JED user, but, more generally, Whatever Works (tm).

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Paul Winkler wrote:

> On 29 Nov 2001 04:08:30 GMT, Kaden <sfam at> wrote:
> >ALRIGHT!  Who's gonna pay for this pepsi ruined keyboard now?!
> That's what you get for drinking that crap! I'm currently using
> granola with soymilk. It's much more visually disgusting, which helps
> enhance the comic experience, but it doesn't corrode things nearly as
> badly. It's still a bitch to clean up.
> --PW

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