Extending with C/C++

Kevin Cazabon kevin at cazabon.com
Thu Nov 15 07:34:37 CET 2001

I'm trying to wrap a C/C++ DLL with a Python interface to one
function... I'm not much of a C programmer, so I was using the
"cookbook" approach listed in the Python docs.

However, the link to David Ascher's "compile.py" that is supposed to
be able to generate a MSC project file is broken (so are the links on
David's Starship Python page).

Any suggestions?  Does that module still work with Python 2.1.1?  Are
there easier ways to do it?

Or better yet, has anyone already wrapped the driver interface for
Aladdin's HASP library? (doubtful)

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Kevin Cazabon
kevin at cazabon.com

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