Colored console on Windows

Michael Hudson mwh at
Fri Nov 23 11:01:51 CET 2001

Fernando Pérez <fperez528 at> writes:

> quick question: does your readline module handle multi-line edits? That is, 
> if I have a multi-line statement, does it bring it back as a single editable 
> entity (which would be great) or as the 'real' readline does, as a series of 
> single-line statements (clumsy).

My pyrepl package

does that.  It's unix only, and a bit rough around the edges.  I have
a new version sat on my irritatingly internet-disconnected home box
which I'll release as soon as I remember to stick it on a floppy and
bring it in to the department.


  > Why are we talking about bricks and concrete in a lisp newsgroup?
  After long experiment it was found preferable to talking about why
  Lisp is slower than C++...
                        -- Duane Rettig & Tim Bradshaw, comp.lang.lisp

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