Tkinter scrollbar question

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at
Fri Nov 9 22:15:49 CET 2001

On Fri, 09 Nov 2001 19:16:48 +0100, Laura Creighton <lac at>

>Depending on what I did to cause it to be called, I am going to get
>called with a varying number of very different arguments.  Which
>Fredrik Lundh _did_ tell me, but I didn't understand until I had made
>the function tell me what was going on.

My experience is that doing your own scrolling in Tkinter is a
nuisance at best. I recommend avoiding it if possible. It's often
possible to stuff everything into a Pmw.ScrolledFrame and have done
with it. In case you're not familiar with Pmw, it's at:

If you have a use for some example scrolling code that uses static
labels and shuffles data around among them, you're welcome to steal
from the MUA that I'm working on. It's at:

You'll find the scrolling code if you download it and search for PITA
<0.01 wink>.


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