Benefits of moving from Python to Common Lisp?

Kenny Tilton ktilton at
Sun Nov 11 22:58:07 CET 2001

The Strout piece is pretty bad. 

First, the whole idea of arbitrarily picking assessment categories and
then arbitrarily picking numbers 0 to 10 and then arbitrarily assigning

Second, looks like the assessment was done by someone trying to justify
a switch to Python.

Third, no mention of performance, and "OO is outside the scope of this

fourth, Python syntax wins by 10 to 2 on syntax,producing half the
difference in the numeric ranking? Puh-leaze.

fifth, 30 points for open source? hello, CMUCL?

Python wins on expressiveness? Without macros?

I would go with the Norvig piece.


"Morten W. Petersen" wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently doing some research, to see if it could be an advantage to
> use Common Lisp instead of Python (currently Python and Zope [1] are used
> to build web applications).
> While doing this, Google has provided two interesting documents (search
> for 'lisp vs python'):
> First off, to save everyone some time, I'm wondering if there are more
> papers documenting the difference between the two;  if there aren't any,
> I'd like to continue the discussion and summarize the findings in a paper
> accessible on the net.
> Regards,
> Morten
> [1]

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