COM objects and Python

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Wed Nov 7 02:02:18 CET 2001

Riccardo Trocca wrote:

> Hello, just a simple question. I've just started learning some COM and
> Com under Python concepts. I'd like to know, before going on with Pure
> Python, if it is possible to create a DirectShow Graph with Python or
> not. I've made some attempts, but they were fruitless. Do I need to
> spend more time studying the problem, or switch to writing some
> extension to Python?
> Riccardo

PythonCOM is (IIRC) currently only capable of using COM Automation
objects--in other words, objects that implement the IDispatch interface.
If DirectShow implements IDispatch, then you're set.  If not... there
*might* be some way around that, but it would be ugly and contorted.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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