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>On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 04:17:55AM -0800, e toffi wrote:
>> i was thinking (which i dont do often), and came up with an idea
>> (which i *do* do often -- dont ask me how). the idea is pyplets -- the
>> analogue to java applets with a fittingly silly name. anyway the
>> premise is to define an api that lets programmers write small programs
>> that execute in a browser.
>> whatdyathink?
>   Do you suppose to alter ALL major browsers to support Python? (You can
>alter Mozilla, but not Netscape, and certainly not M$IE).
Well, Netscape has a plugin architecture, and Internet
Exploder also exposes a programmability interface (a
new one every year!), but it takes a lot of motivation
before *I*'ll involve myself with either.

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