bug in emacs python mode with long documents?

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Nov 22 11:45:52 CET 2001

Fernando Pérez <fperez528 at yahoo.com> writes:

> Has anyone else noticed the following problem? I have a long class (about 
> 1000 lines). When working on code towards the bottom, opening new lines, 
> indenting or deindenting takes forever. Xemacs will go crazy backtracking up 
> the code, and my cpu usage will go to 100% for up to 10 seconds, freezing 
> emacs completely (800 Mhz PIII).
> I know it's a long class and in fact I need to reorganize it, but that's 
> besides the point. I can't see an editor which is incapable of handling 
> classes longer than 1000 lines! And certainly not 'the beast' Xemacs :)
> For reference, I'm using:  [version 21.4; April 2001] on a Mandrake box.
> If  anyone knows of a bugfix to the python mode, I'd greatly appreciate 
> hearing about it.

Are you sure you're using the latest version of python-mode?  Get it from 


or CVS (it's Misc/python-mode.el).

Other than that, you may be able to fiddle some font-lock parameters
to stop XEmacs bothering to hilight the bits it can't cope with.  No
idea which ones though (and I use GNU emacs, so they might not be same
for you anyway).

Not much help, I know...


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