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> That stuff gets written to stderr for no particularly good reason, so
> redirecting stdout won't help.  I don't think MS-DOS gives you a way
> to redirect stderr.

I had got around to thinking that way.

> (You know there's a 'Copy' on the DOS console window's menu, right?
> Under Edit?)

No I did not know that.  Actually there is no menu of the usual windows type
(the one that has File Edit View etc.)  However, right click on the title
bar and along with the usual stuff, there is an Edit entry that allows one
to mark the area to copy then allows copy to the clipboard.  Capture that to
an editor, hit enter to break out of pause, pause again and capture the next
batch -- beats manually typing into the editor even if a little clean up is

> > > Well, running it in a console window will save the last
> > > scroll-buffer-full.  You can set your scrollback buffer size (on
> > > better versions of Windows) with some Properties dialog --- I can't
> > > remember where.
> >
> > I'll see if I can track this down.
> I think you might have to create a shortcut and set the shortcut
> properties, but I'm not sure Win98 supports it at all.

I can't see anything about scroll-buffer in the shortcut's properties.
Maybe it is in some other stupid place like system.ini or win.ini.

> In Pythonwin or Idle, you might have a scrollbar on your evaluation
> window.  (I don't know what ppm is, and I don't use Pythonwin or
> Idle.)  In that case, maybe you could just run the execfile line.

I should have said PYPPM.  It is called the 'ActivePython PPM interactive
shell'.  I think that it is the DOS equivalent (more or less) of Pythonwin.

> > The whole situation is made more confusing because I have very
> > little Unix understanding while you guys tend to be weak on Win98.
> Yes, and with good reason.  :)

You Unix bigots are all the same. :-)

> PySol, obviously.  I just type 'sudo apt-get install pysol', and I
> have...  a pysol command that tells me 'bad .pyc magic number'.  So I
> delete /usr/share/pysol/pysol.pyc, which is the file strace pysol
> tells me python is accessing right before it dies, and... 'can't open
> /usr/share/pysol/pysol.pyc'.  Well, sure.  And there's no apparent way
> to create it.
> So I sudo apt-get remove pysol, apt-get source pysol, discover apt-get
> source is missing 'dpkg-source', figure out that dpkg-source is in the
> 'dpkg-dev' package, sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev, then apt-get source
> pysol again.

Hey man, translate that to Pig Latin and it just might begin to make sense!

> Now Python still complains about a bad magic number in pysol.pyc, but
> I also have a src directory, and when I cd src and python,
> everything works.

The belly ache I get from PySol is 'GameInfoException: duplicate game ID
xxx', lots of them!  Then, of course, a windows message complaining about
the lack of cardsets which makes sense since I have no cardsets hanging off
the stuff I am compiling and since I don't know how to just compile (as
opposed to the compile&run gig), the PySol that runs can't find all the
other needfulls to actually run.  Basicly no stuff about bad magic numbers
that I have seen.
> (Turns out pysol ships with a .pyc file built for Python 1.5.2, and I
> have Python 2.1.1 installed.)

PySol 4.72 (pysol-4.72.tar.bz2) ships with pysol_15.pyc and pysol_20.pyc and
pysol_21.pyc - so pick your poison.

Which brings up my latest problem:

I managed to re-compile all the bits and pieces (except I see no pysol.pyc)
but the pysol_xx.pyc modules are some kind of concatenation of all those
bits and pieces and I don't know how to build that sucker.  In my situation
I could build only pysol_21.pyc since I have only python21 installed, but
that's OK, I don't need the others in any event. (I think).

I have seen Py2exe but I don't think that's what I'm after.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Bill

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