Problem formatting Python docs with MikTeX

Dan Luecking luecking at
Mon Nov 5 19:08:04 CET 2001

Michael Abbott < at> wrote in message news:<Xns914E76DDC4459michaelrcpcouk at>...
> (C:\texmf\tex\latex\nassflow\manual.cls
> Document Class: manual 1997/02/05 v2.0 CAWCS manuals

> Unfortunately, the import of manual.cls shows that I have a serious 
> problem: the TEXINPUTS path is evidently being searched (by MixTex) in the 
> wrong order.

MiKTeX doesn't officially have a TEXINPUTS path. If it uses it at all 
(and I have never tried it) it probably puts it after the default 
(search localtexmf and then texmf).

It would seem you have two choices: 
1. Edit texmf\miktex\config\miktex.ini, looking for "Input Dirs" under 
   the [LaTeX] section. Prepend you TEXINPUTS path to the one there. 
2. Use a command line option. Quoting from the MiKTeX 2.1 manual: 
       The command-line option --include-directory=folder allows 
     you to extend the input search path for one invocation of TeX. 
     For example, 
       C:\> tex --include-directory="C:\My TeX" foo.tex
     prepends C:\My TeX to the input search path, i.e. C:\My TeX 
     will be searched first, when TeX opens any input file (including 
       You can specify either absolute paths (as in the example above) 
     or relative paths. 

I can't immediately check if this option was available before version 2.1. 

Dan Luecking

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