A Python GUI Book.

Kevin Altis altis at semi-retired.com
Mon Nov 12 07:58:28 CET 2001

"Ron Stephens" <rdsteph at earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> As someone else said, pleas einlcude anygui. Also, it woudl be nice if you
> include PythonCard, as an application frmaework  on top of wxPython.

While I would like to see PythonCard and anygui covered in a book, it
doesn't make sense for either project right now. The APIs are in flux and by
the time a book went to print the information would be completely wrong.
PythonCard is likely to change quite a bit between now and the end of the
year and anygui probably won't be usable for anything but the simplest
projects until early next year or later.

> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> > Hi group,
> >
> > I'm currently writing a Python GUI book, where several toolkits
> > (most likely PyGTK, PyQt, FOXpy, PyFLTK, wxWindows and...
> > of course... Tkinter) are presented and explained.
> > My idea is that besides going into some detail of every Toolkit I
> > construct _one_ application scenario with a skeleton, which I
> > later complete with each of the toolkits.
> > This should give the reader the means to choose the toolkit
> > which matches their personal taste & programming philosophy.
> >
> > Given this approach, the main question I'm currently trying to
> > figure out is: What application shall I present? It must be complicated
> > enough to show some advanced topics (not only presenting a tour of
> > the widgets and voila...) but at the same time small enough to cover
> > it within 50 pages or so (remember: for each toolkit!).
> >
> > I first thought of some contact application - in outlook style - or
> > some kind of presentation program - powerpoint style - ... here's a plea
> > for your input.
> >
> > What do you think would be a good application to show the basics and a
> > more sophisticated topics in programming GUI applications with Python?
> >
> > Apart from this concrete question do you have some topics which you
> > think should be a _must_ in such a book? Imagine you're a not a total
> > in python GUI programming... what did you want to read in such a book?
> >
> > thanks for your input!
> >
> > Yours,
> >
> > Mickey.

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