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Tim Hammerquist tim at
Wed Nov 28 07:03:57 CET 2001

Jonathan Gardner <jgardn at> graced us by uttering:
> I am curious as to what editors are being used to edit python. I get the 
> feeling that most people who post here, especially the gurus, use *ahem* 
> Vim *ahem*.

I'd actually gotten the opposite impression.  Most gurus who mention
their editors seem to use Emacs, and I believe Guido himself uses Emacs,

I believe Emacs' superior python-mode may be due to this preference.

> Send an email with a subject of "python editor poll" and I'll do a quick 
> tally and post the results tomorrow. 

Um, Vim.  =)

> Please don't post your preference to this list, it tends to get exciting. 

You wanna start a flame war?  Say you're a Vimmer _and_ a Perler! I
learned my lesson!

> * In case you're wondering what editor I use, let me just say that it works 
> really well with the email client that sucks less than all the others.

Yes, I use the mutt+vim combo, myself.  You couldn't _pay_ me to change.

> * If you are still wondering, one of my projects at sourceforge is  called 
> python-vim. ( I haven't uploaded 
> anything because I am waiting for some advice from Bram on licensing.

I'm watching that project with great interest, especially after trying
the code you posted to vim-dev and comp.editors.  BTW, when you figure
out which license to you, would you either post the result to vim-dev or
email me?  I'd appreciate it.

And, again, my deepest apologies for confusing you with "Simon."

All the best,
Tim Hammerquist
Pride gets no pleasure out of having something,
only out of having more of it than the next man.
    -- C. S. Lewis

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