Python in a hospital application please help

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Sat Nov 10 22:07:11 CET 2001

Hmmm... Not easy but

You can compile python with SSL support for security but dunno if your app
can connect to the database through SSL (not a pythonic issue).
If your application (clients + server) are in a firewalled Intranet, you
don't need more than classical user/password security. Encryption should not
add sensitive security to your data.

Using DB API 2.0 compliant Python adapters, you'll loose less time porting
your application than transfering *safely* data  between (say) Interbase and
MySQL ;-)
Look at

Same thing with Zope, you can change the Database DA with few adapttion
effort as long as your app plays with standard SQL.
In addition, Zope enables to use its objects through a browser as well a
through a client app that talks XML-RPC

Dunno for the pool of database connections (depends on technologies) but
AFAIK some Zope DAs are supposed to deal with it (distributing dynamically a
live db connection to client threads)
Make your shopping here (free)
But open source database engines like MySQL and Postgresql scale very well.
You'd better use one of those and keep your money for a good data server an
backup device than giving all these $$$ to Oracle or Microsoft.

Hope this helps


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> Hi,
> I want to write an application for the hospital I'm working to.
> I'm newbie in python, and I want to hear some opinios about what are
> the options I have..
> The structure I have in mind is : At Server we will have an
> application that handles business rules, connects to databases, and
> send objects to the clients .
> At client we will have an wxPython application that will talk to the
> server application
> Some things this application must provide
> * Ability to change the database
>   I think one way tho achieve this is via Object Relational mapper.
>   Have anyone implemented a library like this in python ?
> * Pool of connections.
>   In the application I have today all clients have their own
> connections to the database. Today I'm using Interbase (free one) but
> what if the hospital need a commercial database in the future ? With
> a pool of connection we can spent less money, and this is issue in a
> hospital in little city of Brazil.
> * The communication between the server and the client must be
> encrypted.
>   Personal information of the patients can't run unencrypted over the
> wire.
> I know that this is difficult application to write, so I want to hear
> some design hints, what are the difficulties I'm going to face. What
> libraries I can use.
> Sorry my english and thanks in advance
> Geraldo Lopes de Souza

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