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Andrei Kulakov sill at
Tue Nov 6 02:14:19 CET 2001

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 15:57:25 +0800, Edy Lie <ed at> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>    I am totally a new python wannabe coder. I have been switching between
> python and perl last few months. In Perl i could code some small scripts
> which does the work i wanted to but somehow in my mind it has been telling
> me that python is my choice.
> I have some doubts here
> 1. I would really want to learn this lang (What should i do?) i know instead
> of asking here i should start coding but i have no idea what should i code.
> Is there anyone in here willing to conduct a small class or at least giving
> out exercise to newbies to code ?
> 2. Another thing when doing coding if i am facing problem i tend to stop or
> rather wanted to learn everything in a day or as fast as i could which i
> believe is a wrong approach. Is there anyone kind enough to give me some
> direction in order i could code something useful.
> Thanks for all the advices.
> Regards,
> Edy Lie.

Start with shell scripts, and when you're ready code some small app like a
mail client.. or a window manager.. or a newsgroup reader. Something
simple but useful to you.


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