Considering getting into Python... Any Pros-Cons?

Cliff Pruitt mail at
Tue Nov 6 07:09:04 CET 2001

Well I thank you all for the great insight.  The truth is I think it will be
a very long time before I get anywhere with C++, at least farther than some
kind of basic "hello world" stuff.  I dont seem to be the best person
arround at wrapping my head around syntax and all that (thats my nice way of
saying I learn very slowly when it comes to programming languages).

I guess my main concern what that I'd get into Python and find out that I
couldn't develop a full application without getting into C++ or something.
Admittedly C++ is probibly a lot more powerful, but this is just a hobby to
tinker with for me.  Does anyone know of a Database format I could use on a
Macintosh?  I know access willwork on my Win machine, but I'd liek to play
with Mac OS primarily.

 Am I correct in understanding that Python will let you create GUI elements
(windows, buttons, dialogue boxes, ect...)?

Thanks so much!  This seems like a very friendly newsgroup.

C. Pruitt
mail at

> From: "Delaney, Timothy" <tdelaney at>
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> Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 12:23:11 +1100
> Subject: RE: Considering getting into Python...  Any Pros-Cons?
>> From: d_blade8 at [mailto:d_blade8 at]
>> I agree with everything said here (for the most part), but I think it
>> is all a bit biased (most readers of this newsgroup are python progs)
> Actually, only a few readers are python progs ... see the effbot, TimBot,
> MartelliBot, etc.
> Tim Delaney

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