Martin Franklin martin.franklin at
Thu Nov 15 11:11:58 CET 2001

Era Akost wrote:

> When one selects an item of Pmw.ScrolledListbox, it gets underlined.
> How to disable the underlining?
> Tkinter.Listbox that is the component of this widget doesn't show this
> property.
> This question was also posted one year ago, but there were no answers.
> Thanks,
> Era


Could you post some code I can't see this with the following code....

>>> from Tkinter import *
>>> import Pmw
>>> root=Tk()
>>> lb=Pmw.ScrolledListBox(root)
>>> lb.pack()
>>> lb.insert(0, 'one')
>>> lb.insert(0, 'two')
>>> lb.insert(0, 'three')

Oh and what platform/version etc....


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