A newbie that needs some HELP

The News lbaker at hot.rr.com
Mon Nov 26 01:19:32 CET 2001

First background on me.  Since you'll probably be seeing me here alot. :)

Ok.  I bought a new computer this week and found..... (lo and behold while I
was erasing the useless gunk manufacturers load 'for' you) it was
pre-installed with Python v2.1.1.

So I think to myself, "Cool!  I've been wanting to get back into
programming."  Now, I do a little research on the web and find out what this
"Python" is.  I see that I like it alot as far as languages go (and I dig
the Monty association ), so I D/L a web tutorial and get busy trying to

Languages I know:  BASIC, Pascal, HTML, english, and some spanish (muy

Now on to the problem.
I'm working on lists.  Trying to figure them out.  So I decide to write this
little algorithim for user inserted lists.  My proto goes as follows:

monty = []
number = input("How many Monty's are there?")
for x in range(1,number):
    mln = input("Name a Monty?")
print monty

It gets through it but prints out some wierd stuff along with each listed
monty.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Also, when I try to get
it to repeat x at the end of "Name a Monty #", x  it gives me an error.  How
could I get around that?

Also, while learning HTML I found a program called Homesite (by Allaire) it
was very helpful.  Is there something like it for Python?

Thanks in advance.

lbaker at hot.rr.com
"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

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