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Tue Nov 6 15:44:11 CET 2001

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> "Kojo Duncan" <gyekye_7 at> writes:
> > Write a program that lists all prime numbers less than a prime number a
> > inputs. Post on site for all to see.
> Do your own homework ;-)

The unanticipated downside of Python being used more widely in education is
that is going to start feeling a little like c.l.c++.

Except over there, the response would be filled with vitriol, not a smiley.

Kojo, the main python site has some excellent tutorials (including Guido's,
which should be most people's first stop). Paul Winkler has already pointed
you to "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist." Also check Mark Pilgrim's
site -- in addition to his online book, he's got a great
list of links under the heading "Learn Python"

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