Tkinter and IDE's

Kevin Cazabon kevin at
Mon Nov 19 20:56:17 CET 2001

Try Komodo from ActiveState (

You can get a free license for "non-commercial" use.  I'd also suggest
d/l-ing their Python installer (Perl too if you like).

It's a pretty decent IDE, and I like that I can also use it well for
Perl / HTML, and many other languages.  I definately like it better
than PythonWin, the tabbed layout is nice to flip back and forth
between scripts.

Kevin Cazabon.

"Don Arnold" <darnold02 at> wrote in message news:<9t9qsb$4nd$1 at>...
> I'm new to python and am interested in developing apps with Tkinter.
> However, every IDE I've come across for the Win32 platform experiences
> lockups/aborts when running Tkinter code. So far I've tried IDLE, PythonWin,
> and WING with little luck. Does anyone know of an IDE that successfully
> executes Tkinter code?
> Thanks,
> Don Arnold

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