hola nesesito su ayuda (translated - well, kind of)

Terry Reedy tjreedy at home.com
Thu Nov 1 17:27:48 CET 2001

> Here is (I think) what Leandro asked above so that we all can try
and help him:
> "I need to implement a registration system for students. I need to
> input the student name as well as its address, its registration
> number and the courses that he's going to take. Where should I keep
> these variables---in a list, a dictionary, or should I put them in a
> class?"

Fernando - ?puede leer ingles, possiblemente con ayuda desde un amigo
o professor?

If this is to be a 'serious' program for production use in your
school, then you should definitely use a database program or module.
(There is relational database module written in Python and available
free, but the name currently excapes me.)

If this is strictly a class learning exercise, then you could also use
any of the three choices you listed.  You might think a bit more about
the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Also, do you keep the
collection of student objects in a list or dictionary?  What you
'should' do depends on what you can do and what you are supposed to do
with the data after it is input.

Note: a relational database is a set of tables, each of which is a
list of lists, augmented by indexes and numerous functions for
accessing and manipulating the data.

Buena suerte,

Terry J. Reedy

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