time.daylight (Daylight Saving Time)

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at mondoinfo.com
Mon Nov 5 18:43:58 CET 2001

On Mon, 05 Nov 2001 13:59:39 +0100, Richard van de Stadt
<stadt at cs.utwente.nl> wrote:



>I'm using time.tzname[time.daylight] to display the time zone. This worked
>fine as long a Daylight Saving Time (DST) was valid

[. . .]

>However, now that DST is over, time.daylight keeps on being 1 (on the
>5 systems located in different time zones that I've tried).

I think you're misinterpreting dime.daylight. At


it says:

  Nonzero if a DST timezone is defined.

I think you want something more like:

>>> import time
>>> timeTuple=time.localtime(time.time())
>>> time.tzname[timeTuple[8]]

You might want to check that daylight is nonzero first.


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