ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found and action taken.

Chris Liechti cliechti at
Tue Nov 27 21:52:14 CET 2001

James Oakley <joakley at> wrote in
news:mailman.1006878455.5184.python-list at 
> On November 27, 2001 12:11 pm, Administrator wrote:
>> ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has detected virus-infected
>> attachment(s). 
> ...snip...
> As annoying as getting Windows viruses is, getting multiple copies of
> this is worse. Imagine if 200 people on the list were running this
> stupid Exchange thing... Yikes.

maybe this is a challenge for "mailman" or what ever mailing list manager 
is running. the mailer software should treat these virus warnings as spam 
and just not relay them..


Chris <cliechti at>

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