Using browser as interface to python app

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Mon Nov 12 13:48:31 CET 2001

Greetings to each and everyone.

What about...

Flash 5 ---> simple GUI
Xml ---> data format (flash 5's got Xml support)

Flash Kit Tutorial - Flash 5 and XML

Doing a google search will give you gazillions of links.

Google results for "Flash 5 Xml tutorial" link follows:

I'm building a virtual online supermarket with Python and Ming (PHP, C++,
Java, Python ( pick you favorite one hehehe ) to SWF ( Macromedia Flash
format or whatever it's called format ) on Debian. I like the mix (python +
xml + flash) so I guess I'm  a little bit biased =)

Most kind regards,

PS: too lazy to run a spell checker, too lazy to check ( lack of sleep ), so
sincere apologies to anyone it might disturbs.

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> > Have you considered a GUI built with Flash 5.0?  It's very nice for
> > straightforward business apps, and is pretty much agnostic on the
> > and screen-resolution front.  As long as you're just using Windows-type
> > widgets, etc., there's really no loading time.  You'll probably think
> > overkill, but it's really no harder than HTML (and a heck of a lot
> > than Tkinter, etc.)  You're likely to spend an awful lot of time futzing
> > with HTML and Javascript in order to serve up those web pages...
> Cool idea.... but I'm clueless as to how this would be done. How would
> you get the python interpreter to handle data inputed into the flash
> interface and then pipe the output back to the browser? Do you have
> examples for doing this?
> Sandy
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