Teaching python (programming) to children

Jeff Sandys sandysj at juno.com
Tue Nov 6 19:01:20 CET 2001

Brian Elmegaard wrote:
> Hi,
> ... Are there good reasons for advocating python 
> being a language one could teach children programming ...

Yes, if you are interested in this you should join the 
python edu-sig:

I strongly believe in Computer Programming for Everyone (CP4E). 
Every high school graduate should be able to express themselves 
with any form of popular expression.  They should be able to 
write or speak an idea, draw a likeness, sing or play music, and 
create a computer algorithm.  They don't need to be a star or 
make it a vocation, but their expressions should be understood 
by others and give a feeling of accomplishment to oneself.

Computers will become more and more prevalent in society.  
Microsoft won't be able to provide everyone with the canned 
expressions that the user wants to express.  There needs to be 
an easy to use programming language that allows a high degree 
of abstraction.  For adults and students Python is that language.

Personally though I use Logo for grammar and middle school 
students.  Once I develop an adequate curriculum and syllabus I 
will use Python in the middle school, because Logo lacks 
the ability to do object oriented programming.  Elica is an 
advanced version of Logo that has some of Python's features.  
Perhaps in the future the best features of Logo, simple 
syntax and error messages, will be combined with Python's 
best features, object oriented, every platform and large 
libraries, to make my ideal programming and teaching language.
(Python + Elica => Pelican ?)

Elica reference:

Jeff Sandys

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