IsPython really O-O? - Think different !

Guido Stepken stepken at
Sun Nov 11 22:02:51 CET 2001

My experience, coming from many languages (BASIC, ASSEMBLER, PASCAL, 
MODULA-2/3, LISP, PROLOG, C, C++, JAVA, now Python is:

1. Python is easy to learn
2. Python is easy to keep in mind
3. Pyton is full OO !
4. Python Code is reusable
5. Python has simple to unterstand containers, polymorphism 
6. Python is powerfull, but easy to understand
7. Python is fun for kids (my experience !)
8. Python is a full OO language with mighty modules and libraries
9. Python can't keep up with smalltalk or haskell in OO features (i am 
missing makro's, but ist's the best compromise I have ever seen.
10. Python is much more readable than Smalltalk, Eiffel, Haskell, Lisp, 
C++, JAVA so it's easier for team  -  programming
11. JAVA is spread all ove the world, but there is JPYTHON !!!!!!!!!!
12. Try Python, an you will see your own !
13. Python has future - see Microsoft Visual Studio implementation of 
Python ..... - Even Microsoft likes Python !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

regards, Guido Stepken 

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