Memory leak in my extention

Michael Hudson mwh at
Thu Nov 22 11:52:43 CET 2001

jf.richard at (Jean-Francois Richard) writes:

> I am trying to export a c function that build a tuple and return it to
> python, everything is working perfectly except that it leak like hell
> :(
> It is the first time I write a python extention and I can not seem to
> find the method to do it right!
> Here is a code snippet:
>         int minx, miny, minz, maxx, maxy, maxz;
>         Font->BBox(text.c_str(), minx, miny, minz, maxx, maxy, maxz);
>         PyObject* result = Py_BuildValue("((iii) (iii))", 
>             minx, miny, minz, 
>             maxx, maxy, maxz);
>         return result;
> What have I forgotten??

To include the code that causes the leak?  That looks fine to me.  Are
you sure you're leaking Python objects?


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