Benefits of moving from Python to Common Lisp?

Will Deakin anisotropy9 at
Thu Nov 15 13:40:04 CET 2001

Tim wrote:

 > However a lot of programs spend a lot of time doing stuff where 
  > the typechecking overhead seems to be in the noise.  Anything 
   > that's building and manipulating large complex data structures 
is > probably spending a lot of its time chasing pointers and 
worrying > much more about cache misses and so on than exact details 
of      > types.
I would agree and make the general point that the lack of enforced 
static-typing, in any project that is a worth doing, is a *boon*. 
The enforced micro-optimisation and related bugs, security holes and 
so on of *forcing* type declaration makes wonder about the need for 
static typing[1].

The Graham quote along the lines of how lisp is two languages: a 
language for writing programs quickly and quick language for writing 
programs[2], springs to mind.

 > ...We might not have found the big problems of course, but 
really,             > it looks like type declarations don't help 
here much at all...
...if type declarations is not helping at this point then either you 
live with it, or you need a new algorithm ;)


[1] although subject to change at moments whim.
[2] since this is c.l.l. I'm sure that somebody will correct me ;)

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