popen and popen2

cruciatuz sasoft at gmx.de
Thu Nov 29 00:03:29 CET 2001

What is the difference between popen and popen2?
I compared pydoc popen und pydoc popen2:

### pydoc ###

Python Library Documentation: built-in function popen in os

    popen(command [, mode='r' [, bufsize]]) -> pipe
    Open a pipe to/from a command returning a file object.

Python Library Documentation: function popen2 in os

popen2(cmd, mode='t', bufsize=-1)

### end pydoc ###

The only difference i see is that bufsize is different(?)
What does that mean and when do i have to use popen and when do i have
to use popen2 ?

Stefan Antoni
Mit Nov 28 18:00:21 EST 2001
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