The Editor Poll results are in!

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at
Thu Nov 29 03:11:56 CET 2001

The results are in!

Emacs: 13
    Rude people that use emacs: 1. >:-P (No, RMS did not reply.)
*MicroSoft* Visual SlickEdit: 1 brave soul
ActiveState Komodo 1.1: 1 lone voice
Vim (NOT vi): 7592 
    Really cool people that use Vim: All of 'em.

This poll had a total of 7607 respondents, myself included. Therefore, if you 
are using emacs and you haven't tried vim yet, you should know that you are 
in the minority here! HAHAHA! How does it feel to be the underdog now? NYA 

This poll is not affected in any way to my aversion to Emacs. Nope, not one 
bit. I am, after all, a saint, because I use Vim. =) I also remembered to 
*accidentally* delete the emails so...


* Disclaimer for the tragically humor-impaired: No, I don't hate emacs. No, I 
don't hate you. (Well, maybe YOU, but not you.) Yes, I did manipulate the 
results, and yes, I am a jerk. Yes, it looks like about 75% of the people 
here use emacs. Can't blame them - python mode is really good.

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