mayavi installation problem on Win NT

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at
Thu Nov 8 16:14:05 CET 2001

>>>>> "MF" == Markus Faust <marfadeu at> writes:

    MF> The module is VTKDLL.DLL with the routines

    MF> void vtkDataArray::GetData(int,int,int,int,class vtkFloatArray
    MF> *) void vtkDataArray::CreateDefaultLookupTable(void) void
    MF> vtkDataArray::SetLookupTable(class vtkLookupTable *) void
    MF> vtkDataArray::SetName(char const *) char const *
    MF> vtkDataArray::GetName(void) .  .  .

    MF> Has anybody encountered similar problems and knows what to do?
    MF> Thanks in advance!

Its most likely a VTK installation problem.  Can you import vtkpython?

$ python
>>> import vtkpython

If this doesn't work then your VTK install is messed up.  Also, Les's
post should help.  


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