New updates needed for an old computer language humor piece

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Nov 30 05:00:30 CET 2001

(Will I be the first?  Not bloody likely! :-)

Ric Werme wrote:
> TASK: Shoot yourself in the foot.

[Note: I'm one of Python's biggest fans, but the
original was universally disparaging!]

Python: You fire the gun, but the bullet travels so 
  slowly towards your foot that you get tired and leave.

Python: You insert the bullet into the gun but because
  there were actually TAB characters in the barrel instead
  of spaces, the gun jams with an IndentError.

Python: You try to load the bullet into the gun, but 
  Guido pulls it away from you and gives you version 2.0.
  You try to load the bullet into that gun, but he pulls
  it away again and gives you 2.1 and the gun rejects
  the bullet.  You get another bullet and try again, but
  he gives you the beta for 2.2 and this time the bullet
  gets lost inside.

Python: You're new to shooting.  You start to load the 
  bullet, but then realize the gun does not have a safety
  on it so you dutifully report your brilliant and original
  discovery in comp.lang.python and after the thread finally 
  dies out you have forgotten to shoot yourself in the foot.

(I note wryly that in no case does Python actually 
allow you to shoot yourself in the foot! <grin>)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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