calling method on dynamically loaded module

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry shalehperry at
Mon Nov 26 23:16:21 CET 2001

On 26-Nov-2001 Eric Cifreo wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to dynamically load a set of modules and then call a specific
> method on each one.  For now there's only one module in the list.
> The module seems to be loading correctly, but then the method is not found.
> There IS a 'perform' method defined in the loaded module.

evil code I have:

d = {}
exec $mod in d

I could not find the actual code for this on my system, I have it in cvs though
so if you want it I can mail it to you.

Basically it imports all the symbols into the dictionary, then you can use the
symbols as you see fit.

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