WSC in python clears method arguments

Steve Holden sholden at
Fri Nov 9 22:43:28 CET 2001

"T Malcolm" <nt_colonel at> wrote ...
> "Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote ...
> > "T Malcolm" <nt_colonel at> wrote ...
> > > I'm calling a WSC written in Python from a VBS script that is task
> > > scheduled.  This WSC is a "friendly" interface to the Python ftp
> > > library.  All is well, except for one quirk.  When I call methods on
> > > the WSC, it will clear the variable I pass as an argument.
> > >
[ Steve misunderstands the details ]
> Well, see, the COM Component isn't a pure Python module.
> All of my Python is in a Windows Script Component(WSC) xml file
> parsed by the ActiveX Scripting engine.  Classes are set off with
> <component></component> tags, and the COM interface is also described
> using XML tags.  Since this isn't a proper python class there's no
> "self" first argument on the methods, thus causing half of my
> problems.  Everything calls, and it works just great, but it eats the
> values stored in my argument variables.

Blerch. So are you trying to execute Python client-side with this?

Let's see some more code! What's the environment?


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