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Paul Jackson pj at
Wed Nov 28 07:48:49 CET 2001

Terry J. Reedy wrote:

|> "Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk" <qrczak at> wrote :
|> > It's not a minority. Almost everybody uses this convention.
|> There are far more people doing word processing, spreadsheet work, and
|> database reports than people doing programming and Unix/Linux systems
|> work.   I believe that almost all of the former would find your dictum
|> on tabstops to be weird and useless.

Obviously Marcin didn't really mean "almost everyone".  I am
sure for instance that most Chinese mainland peasants don't
use tabs, of any size.  He meant almost everyone in some set
of users.  You've just shown that this set isn't those "doing
word processing, spreadsheet work, and database reports"

So has it occurred to you that perhaps you have misinterpreted
his (admittedly ambiguous) dictum.

Rather than suggesting his dictum is weird and useless, how about
instead asking yourself for what value of "almost everyone" it is

Perhaps the set of "people doing text mode editing of Python
code" ?


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