py2exe and its options

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Tue Nov 20 08:53:33 CET 2001

"TH Lim" <sshark97 at> wrote in message news:ea8ebdc7.0111192011.72abda0c at
> running bdist
> zip -rq D:\workspace\projects\epos\bin\dist\startup-??? .
> creating 'D:\workspace\projects\epos\bin\dist\startup-???'
> and adding
> '.' to it
> error: D:\workspace\projects\epos\bin\dist\startup-???
> Invalid argume
> nt
> What went wrong here? Can anyone please shed some light here?

You have been bitten by a distutils bug. Supply a version number
in the scetup script and the error should go away:



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