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I am guessing bigtimes here so dont take this as a fact. There might verry
well be a much easier solution but I see that the post have been out a while
and none have answered so I thought that you might be able to make, atleast,
a little bit of use of my humble opinion.

A javascript is normaly executed by a java-script executor, normaly that is
IE or netscape.

But maybe they use a standalone program or activeX control or something to
execute it than it should be possible for you to execute that program with
the javascript code right?

Maybe they use something internal, then your hope is that it might be a
python javascript module. I think there is a Html module so maybe there is a
java-script module.

Maybe you could see what the javascript on the webpage really do. Does it
just format the inqiery a little bit and then send it's message to a
CGI-program? if that is the case you can do the processing in your program
and then call the CGI.
In essense, rewrite the javascript in Python.

Gl, hope it helps

Tim Gahnström
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Subject: accessing a web search engine

> Hi,
>   I'm trying to use Python to send queries to a webpage and analyse the
> results. However the search engine does'nt use cgi scripts - it uses a
> Javascript function. How can I access a JScript function. I realize that
> this is not really a Python question, but since I am using it I thought
> ask here. I know that I have to use the urllib module but what string do I
> send to the server?
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